Stryker PneumoSure

Insufflation is a standard medical procedure with diverse applications. Radiologists use it to improve access to a body cavity for imaging. Doctors use it for oxygen delivery, airway clearance, and ventilation in outpatient care. It is the method of delivery for asthmatics who use inhalers. The most popular application for Stryker camera systems is during surgery, notably during laparoscopy. It increases the working room increases the chances of a positive outcome.

The Stryker PneumoSure is a high-definition endoscopy camera system designed to be reliable, safe, and unparalleled. It is designed to meet the demands of today’s dynamic surgeries with its 45L capacity.


The endoscoping video camera has a compact design for easy use. The front panel contains a touch screen display, a physical on/off switch, and an insufflation tube connection.

The device weighs 19.84lbs and features IP41 moisture protection as standard. It works best at room temperature and supports pressure inputs between 15 and 80 bar.

Distinctive features

A touch screen is the primary mode of input and display. The screen shows the equipment control, together with real-time readings of volume flow, pressure, and status of its supply cylinder. Other features include:

  • Accurate, real-time measurements of pressure.
  • Carbon dioxide flow rate of up to 45L per minute. This capacity can be reduced to as little as 3L per minute.
  • Support for different specialty modes including vessel harvesting for bypass surgery and bariatrics
  • Gas heating support
  • Intuitive tube set connection with a spring load.

Input in the PneumoSure

The interface on the touch screen display has a default page that shows the primary controls of the device.

  • Pressure readings are on the left, flow rate on the right.
  • The middle section displays the actual pressure, the consumption rate, and the gas heating status.
  • The bottom half has the Start/Stop virtual button and the actual gas flow display field, simultaneously serving as the menu function. Status of the device and errors and warning messages are displayed in a small field between the top and bottom.
  • The menu accessed through the bottom right button leads to a configuration page. Here you can define different functions and save any new settings.

What Makes the Stryker Pneumosure Different?

The PneumoSure is designed to be a comprehensive insufflation assistant. Its compact design, simple user interface, and high-performance mode are its most outstanding characteristics. The insufflator also stands out because:

  • It supports different insufflation modes. It is suitable for pediatric use and other bypass surgeries.
  • It comes with disposable tube sets. Choose from a heated tube and high flow tube equipped with real-time pressure sensing or one with an integrated sterile filter.
  • The real-time pressure sensing is monitored. An indicator shows when this feature is interrupted or defective.
  • It has a venting system for detecting and correcting pressure outside the nominal readings.

Errors are easy to troubleshoot, thanks to its intuitive interface. In addition to the detailed manual that contains a troubleshooting guide, most of the errors are easy to correct. The device automatically stops working when it detects an interruption with its internal safety system.

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