Stryker Light Source

Certified Endoscopy Products sells high-resolution and advanced  Stryker Light Source equipment at competitive prices. You can now see high-resolution and cross-sectional images of soft and hard tissue with no radiation exposure. It is easy to carry, making it the perfect device for physicians who travel frequently or practice in several offices.

Stryker Light Source Products We Sell

Stryker offers a wide range of light source devices. Some of the best-selling light source equipment in 2022 include:

  • Stryker L10 LED Light Source 
    • It provides real-time endoscopic visibility.
    • It offers near-infrared fluorescence imaging.
    • It helps surgeons perform minimally invasive surgery using standard endoscopic visible light and helps with visual assessment of vessels, blood flow, related tissue perfusion, and biliary anatomy near-infrared imaging.
  • Stryker L9000 LED Light Source
    • It is intuitive and comes with a simple user interface and an LCD touch screen.
    • You can control it from the 1288 camera head.
    • It has a reduced lifetime ownership cost.
  • Stryker Precision LED Light Source
    • It provides real-time endoscopic visibility.
    • It uses LED technology, eliminating the need for frequent light bulb changes.
    • It reduces lifetime ownership costs and environmental waste.

Top Reasons To Buy A Stryker Light Source Device 

Stryker’s precision LED light source offers real-time endoscopic visibility. The LED technology in this light source product eliminates the need to change a light bulb frequently. It reduces the lifetime ownership cost and is more eco-friendly.

This light source is compatible with Stryker’s Safelight scope-sensing technology, allowing users to put the device on standby mode whenever required. Stryker’s LED light source comes with a safety feature that helps reduce the intra-operative risk of patient burns and prevents drape fires when changing scopes.

Stryker offer world-class ENT products. With over two decades years of research and development in surgical ENT products, Stryker is the world leader in ENT medical technology and surgical equipment. L-11 Light Source is one of Stryker’s flagship innovations that offers consistent and automatic lighting. It enables surgeons to focus on the procedure at hand more precisely. Our clients across the planet can now buy certified pre-owned or refurbished Stryker Light Source from us at competitive prices.

Benefits Of Buying Your Medical Equipment From Us

As a pioneer seller and buyer of Stryker products, we are reliable, certified, and deliver unsurpassed customer services. Here are some of the other benefits to buying your medical equipment from us:

  • We are one of the few stryker medical equipment dealers to offer an extended warranty on the products we sell.
  • If you wish to pick up the product from us, you can always schedule a visit to our facility. Unlike some shady dealers who offer only shipping, we are a reliable business with a physical presence and several decades of industry experience.
  • For clients who wish to receive their equipment at their doorstep, we offer them the option to track their order at the touch of a button through their smart device.

Certified Endoscopy Products sells the best quality Stryker light source at affordable prices. You can now purchase certified pre-owned or refurbished equipment from our online store. Contact us at 847-563-3255.