Stryker L9000 Light Source

Stryker L900 is a light-generating unit that offers light in surgical sites during endoscopy. It uses LED technology to generate crisp, bright light, delivered using a fiber optic light cable to the surgical site. This model is compatible with all Stryker light cables. There are proper light adapters and cables. It connects to the flexible and rigid endoscope. L900 comes equipped with Electronic Scope Sensing Technology (ESST). This unique safety feature prevents accidental burns caused by light cables not connected to the scope. When you operate with an ESST light cable, the L9000 senses that the light cable and scope separate and switch the light source to Standby mode. While on Standby mode, the L9000 reduces the light output to a minimum, stopping the light cable from producing excessive heat. The scope tip, light cable adapter, scope light post, and light cable tip take several minutes to cool off after being switched to standby mode and might cause burns or fire to the user, patient, or inanimate objects. Avoid putting it near the patient, drapes, or other flammable material while on standby mode.


The Stryker LED light Source illuminates the surgery site during minimally invasive surgical procedures in orthopedic surgery, gynecological surgery, general surgery, gastroenterological surgery, ENT surgery, and general surgery. The light transmitted from the Source comes from a scope and optical cable.


The light source is an essential component of a visualization system that consists of a video monitor, video camera, video printer, video recorder, light scope, and cable. Some of the features include the touch screen, which gives user controls and system feedback, cable clamp that grasps the light-source end of inserted fiber optic cable. It has a jaw handle that opens the fiber optic cable holder. SFB series connectors enable a firewire connection with Stryker devices, allowing future software upgrades and remote diagnoses. SIDNE connector connects to the SIDNE voice control while the equipotential ground plug connects to potential equalization conduction.

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Stryker L9000 Light Source