Stryker L9000

Stryker L9000 is an eco-friendly endoscoping video camera that minimizes toxic environmental waste by preventing the constant changes of lightbulbs on medical imaging devices. As an added advantage, the optional Safelight technology ensures that the high-resolution endoscopic cameras for sale go into standby mode when the cable detaches from the scope. The feature minimizes the risk of injury to the staff or patient. It is the ideal light solution when paired with a 1288 HD 3-Chip camera because the camera head’s light output settings are controllable. Generally, the operating cost is lowered, and the safety increases.

Safety Notice

Before operating or maintaining the Stryker 1288 endoscopic camera, ensure you carefully review the user manual. When using such light sources, fire and severe injuries can occur on the user, patient, or nearby objects if the manual instructions are not followed. The light source generates a significant amount of heat at the scope light post, the light cable tip, near the cable adapter, and the scope tip. Using higher brightness levels from the light source leads to higher heat levels.

Constantly adjust the brightness level of the camera and monitor before adjusting the brightness of the light source. Ensure the brightness level of the light source is set at minimum brightness, which is adequate to light the surgical site. Make the internal shutter of the camera higher so that you can run the light source at a lower intensity. Please do not touch the scope tip or the light cable tip or place it on top of the client or user as it may burn either the user or patient. Make sure the cable tip is not on top of surgical drapes or other flammable material since it can result in fire. Keep the light source on standby mode when the scope is detached from the light cable or not in use. The spare cable adapter, light post, scope tip, and scope post take a while to cool down after you put it in standby mode, which may result in burns or a fire.

Service Options

The L9000 light source is complex, and the company recommends that when it malfunctions, it is returned to the company headquarters for replacement or repair. The company has skilled and specialized technicians who can do repairs and maintain product quality and safety. Suppose you need service during and after the warranty period. In that case, you should contact the local sales representative, pack the components into the shipping container, and then ship them to the factory.

Our company also allows onsite service and accepts responsibility for the impact on reliability, performance, and equipment safety if a technician authorized by Stryker has done modifications, readjustments, and repairs. Qualified technicians should only do onsite repair with the proper test equipment listed in the manual. The company will not be held liable for consequential or incidental damages connected with or arising from the performance of products after unauthorized repair or modification.

Stryker insists that repair and diagnostic procedures be done by qualified and authorized technicians with experience or training in vectorscope operation, multimeter operation, electric techniques, vectorscope operation, oscilloscope operation, or biotech safety analyzer operation.

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