Stryker Insufflator

A Stryker insufflator is a device to insufflate CO2. It is electronic and automatic. We can adjust the pressure of the abdomen in advance, we can also adjust the flow to our desire, from 1 liter to 20 liters per minute. It is automatic because it insufflates when it goes below the programmed pressure and stops when it reaches it, which allows the working space to be constant and facilitates the surgery.

Currently, there are 30 liters per minute insufflators, which not only stop when the desired pressure is reached, but also when the pressure rises to 20. When the patient pushes the machine, it automatically extracts the CO2. Humidification and heating of the gas to 37 degrees are two features of the latest generations.

Stryker Insufflators are a versatile system that connects to any CO2 source. In combination with the Stryker water pump, CO2 Insufflators help minimize patient discomfort, especially during longer procedures. With direct connections to sterile water and any CO2 source, the Stryker 50l insufflator and water pump are part of a comprehensive endoscopy solution for your facility.

Why use a Stryker insufflator?

The Stryker brand insufflation system for laparoscopic surgery safely delivers gas at body temperature with an easy-to-use, single-port design that is ergonomically and cost-effectively designed. Its unique and exclusive properties offer a wide range of benefits designed to provide an optimal experience for surgeons, OR staff members and their patients: Delivering gas flow at a rate of 50 L per minute, this system has one of the highest flow rates of single-port insufflators on the market. This system integrates our exclusive continuous pressure sensing technology. The intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen helps simplify setup for OR staff members and allows for intraoperative adjustments at their fingertips. Unlike other insufflators, which often lose a significant amount of pressure when a tank needs to be changed, our system features a unique dual-tank valve system that allows simultaneous connection of two tanks.

Minimize discomfort

Compared to using room air, inflating the body with CO2 minimizes patient discomfort from swelling and cramping due to the rapid absorption of CO2 by tissues. This may allow physicians to use less sedation during procedures, and may reduce the number of patients who need to be seen by a physician during recovery.

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