Stryker Endoscopy Products

Certified Endoscopy Products is your trusted partner for stunning visualization and connected OR solutions. Our Stryker endoscopy products are part of the most reliable medical equipment in the country.

Top Reasons To Buy Stryker Endoscopy Products

Stryker endoscopy products help doctors perform minimally invasive surgery using cutting-edge technology. These endoscopy products come with brilliant visualization and unrivaled connected OR solutions. Not to mention, its visualization platform enables you to distinguish anatomy in all minimally invasive procedures while providing doctors with a personalized experience.

Stryker’s long history of innovation and ongoing product development in advanced imaging makes their products unbeatable in the market. The 1588 AIM platform Over 94% of the doctors see 1588 AIM endoscopy as a clinical improvement that allows them to see better and do more. Surgeons can use just their voice to enjoy more control, activate devices, change settings, and turn the OR lights on and off. Stryker’s products offer real-time video and dynamic range enhancement and come with an infrared illumination system.

How Good Is PneumoClear?

Pneumoclear comes with a 50-liter insufflator and is an all-inclusive integrated heating and humidification platform. It is a first-of-a-kind smoke evacuation platform available in the market that provides clear images consistently through an inflow and outflow management system. Pneumoclear specifically provides stability to surgeons while evacuating smoke.

Stryker’s PneumoClear can add control to your operation and address fluctuations in pressure. The Pneumoclear insufflation system provides heated and humidified CO2 gas and promotes post-operative patient recovery. It encompasses a lightweight and flexible tube set that can enhance your patient experience considerably.

Why Buy Your Sinuscope From Stryker?

Stryker’s FocESS sinuscopes are durable instruments that deliver excellent visualization. This 3mm rigid nasal endoscope can take your ENT practice to the next level. Stryker designs these sinuscopes specifically for physicians with detailed images to help ENT surgeons perform diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical sinus and nasal procedures with ease.

It is a 0-degree nasal endoscope that allows for a straight view into the patient’s nose. We also offer angled nasal endoscopes that come in 30, 45, and 70 degrees. The angled endoscopes allow deep around-the-corner views into a patient’s sinus cavities. Both the sinuscopes provide maximum visualization and help ENT specialists make diagnoses and perform procedures with ease. It also enhances patient experiences significantly.

Benefits Of Buying A Stryker Endoscopy Product

Stryker’s 1588 AIM platform is one of its cutting-edge innovations. It is a sleek and state-of-the-art endoscope that offers brilliant visualization. The benefits of buying a Stryker endoscope include:

  • It offers more control to the surgeon
  • It can activate devices, change settings, turn on and off the OR lights using the voice of the camera head.
  • The 1588 AIM platform encompasses endoscopic near-infrared visualization, desaturation, infrared illumination system, and dynamic range enhancement.

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