Rehab Nyc

Battling substance addiction can be a gruesome experience, especially when you lack the support and medical assistance you need. At Legacy Healing Center, our rehab in NYC allows you to engage in recovery, detox, and healing, through multiple levels of care. These include:

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our PHP functions much like an inpatient program. It offers 24/7 medical assistance and support six days per week, and it is ideal for people struggling with advanced forms of addiction. PHP represents our primary tool for fighting all forms of substance addiction in our New York City rehab centers, allowing you to overcome withdrawal and regain your mental and spiritual composure.

During the program, you will undergo medical procedures, detox, and therapy to prepare you for the next stages of recovery. We believe that this form of treatment is vital for people dealing with aggravated withdrawal, in need of constant supervision and assistance.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Having the top rehab centers in New York, we offer IOP as a step-down recovery program from inpatient care. Once you have completed the detoxification program and achieve a more balanced state of mind, you can enroll in IOP for a more personalized level of care.

During this program, you will join 12-Step meetings, follow comprehensive rehabilitation therapies, and participate in social activities, along with other patients. IOP allows you to heal mentally and emotionally through peer support, counseling, and therapy sessions, without the need for 24/7 supervision. It is the go-to option for people with milder forms of addiction or those who have already completed our PHP.

Outpatient Program

Our addiction treatment in NY incorporates outpatient care as part of a transitioning journey between more intense recovery programs and complete rehabilitation. At this point, you are already stable enough to resume your social, familial, and professional obligations. Although you no longer require sustained medical assistance or intense therapy, we still recommend our outpatient program as a viable system supporting social reintegration and relapse prevention.

You will only participate in one hour of therapy per week, along with additional 12-Step meeting sessions and other optional activities. Our outpatient program is part of our aftercare strategy, aiming to promote sobriety, healing, and full recovery.

Family Program

At our substance abuse treatment centers in New York, we know that addiction affects everyone, both the victim and the people around them. Our Family Program aims to restore family dynamics to offer recovering patients the spiritual and moral support they need long-term. At our NY rehab, we offer family support counseling sessions to train family members on identifying early relapse prevention signs. We also promote unity, positivity, and mutual support to create a more inspiring and supporting familial environment.

Legacy Healing Center offers comprehensive rehab in NYC through multiple levels of care. If you need support with your addiction, our team is prepared to take your case. Contact us at 1-888-534-2295 and get info on insurance coverage and treatment options available! Discuss with our counselor and begin your rehab journey today!

Rehab Nyc