Stryker Laparoscope


Stryker Laparoscopes are used in the operating room for minimally invasive surgery. Stryker laparoscopic instruments help surgeons view organs and tissues, take pictures, capture tissue samples, perform biopsies, and apply other treatments.

Stryker Laparoscopes – The most advanced and intuitive instrument on the market (Lapras 3.5) for performing diagnostic procedures and minimally invasive surgery on abdominal organs. It is a unique combination of high-resolution optics, optics control device, illumination systems, camera head and ergonomic console allowing precise organ visualization and enhanced surgeon control.

Stryker Laparoscopes are designed to enhance the surgeon’s ability to see delicate internal organs and perform surgical procedures. The lightweight, ergonomic design of each laparoscope provides surgeons with exceptional imaging at all angles, which is imperative for effective surgery.

Stryker’s laparoscopes is a medical device used in minimally invasive surgery. The device comes with a variety of features which makes it useful in a number of surgical procedures.

The Stryker Endo-GIA laparoscopic system offers intuitive controls that enhance surgeons’ dexterity and efficiency, allowing them to make faster, smoother camera movements. It also significantly increases the surgeon’s range of motion during procedures, enabling surgeons to access hard-to-reach areas.

Using the latest technology, Stryker Laparoscopes provide surgeons with an advanced visual field while offering superb ergonomics and maneuverability. The product line includes various instruments, ranging from 5mm to 30mm in diameter.

Stryker is a global leader in medical technology and patient care delivery. With a strong commitment to innovation, we create solutions that empower health care professionals to deliver the best possible experience for their patients.

Stryker Laparoscopes

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