Stryker 1488


The Stryker 1488 endoscopy system is an innovative solution that facilitates the examination of the small bowel. This flexible, high-definition endoscope enables physicians to gather visual information in real time about conditions such as intestinal inflammation, bleeding and ulceration. It is used for surgical procedures in the gastrointestinal tract. It consists of a camera, light source, and control console.

Stryker 1488 Endoscopy System is a high performance, flexible and cost effective system for both clinical and research use. It offers the industry’s fastest and largest format biplane imaging technology with 2D rotation and tilt, 3D/4D rotation and tilt, as well as full-featured rotary control.

Stryker 1488 Endoscopy is an advanced minimally-invasive medical imaging technology. The device, which aids in the detection of gastrointestinal anomalies, allows doctors to view and treat conditions that may otherwise be undetectable.

The Stryker 1488 Endoscopy is designed to provide optimal performance for even the most challenging procedure. Flexible, efficient, and easy-to-use, this system can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Stryker 1488 Endoscopy. Lightweight, portable and easy to use. This compact, five-channel endoscope offers a wide variety of applications in both clinical and non-clinical environments.

The Stryker 1488 Endoscopy is an advanced endoscopic system for the production of high-quality images. It allows users to see objects that are invisible to the naked eye or within other imaging systems. This superior technology has many applications throughout medicine, including diagnostics, surgery, and dentistry.

Stryker’s 1488 system is a dynamic endoscope with the ability to capture high definition images from over a wide range of distances. The 1488 can be configured as a single channel or dual channel camera and up to 4-channels for a complete endoscopic imaging solution.

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