Karl Storz Light Source


Karl Storz Light Source

Karl Storz Light Source uses the most innovative technology to ensure that surgeons have a best-in-class solution to all their endoscopic illumination needs.

Karl Storz is a global manufacturer of innovative devices and solutions for minimally invasive surgery and medical treatment. Our products improve the quality of healthcare by enhancing the surgeon’s ability to perform complex surgical procedures, reducing the risk of postoperative infections, and speeding up recovery time.

The Karl Storz Light Source is a revolutionary concept. It has been designed to meet the needs of today’s surgeons and to be a perfect complement to the modern operating room.

The KSL is the result of decades of experience in development and manufacturing of endoscopy products, which was acquired by Karl Storz during its takeover of Dr. Höfer in 1998. Over 130 patents were filed in the course of developing this new light source.

Karl Storz’s product, the Light Source is used in endoscopy procedures. It provides users with a minimally invasive way to perform surgery on patients.

Karl Storz Light Source

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