Arthrex Synergy


Arthrex Synergy

Arthrex Synergy is the first endoscopy system that combines high-definition (HD) imaging with an ergonomic design for surgeons. This product enables surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgery through small incisions, so it reduces recovery time, improves patient satisfaction and increases patient safety.

Arthrex Synergy is the only fully integrated robotic system that enables surgeons to perform both minimally invasive and open procedures. Powered by proprietary technology, Synergy allows physicians to perform procedures with unmatched image quality and lower cost than traditional surgical techniques.

Arthrex Synergy combines the power of 3D visualization with the flexibility and portability of the handheld Flex System to provide an unmatched level of clinical performance.

The Arthrex Synergy is a fully integrated endoscopy system that combines the latest technology with proven clinical features. It offers enhanced ergonomics, functionality and performance to improve patient care.

Arthrex Synergy System is a unique technology-driven approach to a safer and more efficient way to perform arthroscopic procedures. It combines 3D visualization, multi-plane articulation, integrated lighting and an ergonomic console into one intuitive device that allows for true single-operator use. Together with the Arthrex EndoArm, this technology platform enables surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgeries through small incisions with greater precision than ever before possible.

The Synergy System is the only system with a comprehensive portfolio of fully integrated, pre-packaged endoscopy products designed to work together. These products are designed to maintain the highest standards of cost effectiveness and reliability for all your endoscopic procedures.

Synergy is a complete endoscopy system that brings next-generation 3D visualization to your practice. It’s the most advanced, innovative and safest way for physicians to conduct minimally invasive procedures.

Arthrex Synergy

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