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Certified Endoscopy Products LLC plays a crucial role in endoscopic surgical advances. From minimally invasive surgery (M.I.S.) to other less risky exploratory medical and technical procedures, Certified Endoscopy Products LLC has led the endoscopic revolution for the past 40 years. Our focus has been on selling and repairing pre-owned and refurbished endoscopic products such as the Power LED 175 light source, Karl Storz h3-z camera head, and the 495g Karl Storz during the past four decades.

Endoscopic Light Source Refurbished

Professionals need various endoscopic instruments to perform successful procedures; these devices enable doctors and technicians to take tissue samples from the body and serve specific endoscopic procedures – like bone and tissue preparation and suture management.

Endoscopic instruments are essential for each procedure and work directly for the patient’s benefit. Advantages include minimal scarring, shorter hospital stays, and less chance of infection. Some specific and useful endoscopic devices include:

  • Biopsy Forceps
  • Trocar sleeves
  • Tissue Scissors and Cutters
  • Burs
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Tube sets (Inflow and Outflow)
  • Tissue Staplers
  • Ligation Devices
  • Suturing systems

Endoscopy equipment has many benefits; they usually have multiple uses. There is equipment with therapeutic capabilities, along with the diagnosis. In brief, endoscopy products can provide sclerotherapy and perform Biopsies. There are many Endoscopy equipment available these days; some are mentioned below.


  •       ENCEPHALOSCOPE: looks into the brain to determine cavities.
  •       LARYNGOSCOPE: used to examine the larynx, an organ in our neck containing our vocal cords.
  •       ESOPHAGOSCOPE: used to examine the esophagus.
  •       THORACOSCOPE: Examines the pleural cavity, the instrument helps one examine through the intercostal space.
  •       ANGIOSCOPE: used for observing blood vessels. A narrow fiber endoscope captures the image and transfers it via a fused silica image.
  •       NEPHROSCOPE:This instrument is used if there is a need to examine kidneys.
  •       COLONOSCOPE:This equipment is essential to examine the lower part of the bowel.
  •       PROCTOSCOPE: When there is a particular problem in the rectum, a proctoscope is involved for inspection.
  •       ARTHROSCOPE: It is an endoscope used to examine inside of a joint. It treats and diagnoses problems concerning the knee. It is a rigid instrument made of optical lenses. It is usually integrated with a video camera to look into the problem.
  •       RHINOSCOPE:It is used to examine the nasal.
  •       ESOPHAGOSCOPE: examines the passage from the pharynx to the stomach.
  •       BRONCHOSCOPE: examines the inside of bronchi.
  •       MEDIASTINOSCOPE:it is used to examine mediastinum, a mass of organs and tissues separating lungs. It also includes the heart, large vessels, esophagus, trachea, etc.
  •       GASTROSCOPE:If there is a need to examine the inside of the stomach, a Gastroscope is used.
  •       LAPAROSCOPE: It is used to examine the peritoneal cavity. It is the most common piece of equipment used by surgeons. The usual size of a Laparoscope is 10mm in diameter and 300 insertion in depth.
  •       AMNIOSCOPE: when there is a particular problem with the fetus, the instrument is used to examine the cervical canal.
  •       CYSTOSCOPE: examines the urinary tract. This is similar to arthroscopy, but there is more extended insertion.
  •       HYSTEROSCOPE:When it is required to examine the canal of the Uterine Cervix and uterine cavity, this equipment is used.

Certified Endoscopy Products, LLC has an extensive collection of quality medical imaging equipment, including industrial endoscopes. Please call us at 847-563-3255 to order or email our sales department at sales@certifiedendoscopy.com for inquiries.

Karl Storz Endoscopy