Karl Storz

The family-owned company KARL STORZ has evolved from its beginnings in 1945 into a multinational company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of endoscopes and medical devices and instruments.

The range of endoscopic instruments for human medicine as well as for industrial endoscopy now encompasses more than 15,000 products. KARL STORZ is currently presenting its latest innovations in the field of digital documentation systems and the creation of comprehensive operating room concepts. As a system provider, the company combines its expertise in endoscopy with software solutions for integration in operating rooms and support of clinical process and resource management.

The KARL STORZ product line includes rigid and flexible endoscopes and instruments for the entire spectrum of human medicine. Our innovative product offering facilitates convenient and quality documentation, such as the digital video chain and the KARL STORZ AIDA® central data and image storage system.

With the OR1™ system from KARL STORZ, the visionary proposal of an operating room concept for minimally invasive surgery has become reality: a fully integrated, centrally controlled and operated operating room, in which both surgical procedures and routine tasks are optimized and simplified in equal measure.

In which areas of healthcare are Karl Storz endoscopy systems used? 

– Neurosurgery

– Otolaryngology

– Aesthetic surgery

– Dental, maxillary and oral surgery

– Thorax

– Anesthesia and emergency medicine

– Gastroenterology

– Laparoscopy 

– Proctology

– Pediatrics 

– Gynecology

– Urology

Our most used equipment? 

Karl Storz h3-z camera head

One of our most used cameras in medical studies. This incredible equipment offers a strong resolution when performing surgery or studies to identify anomalies within an organism. With it you will be able to visualize more clearly and forget about that old equipment you have in your office. 

Power Led 175

It is a cold light source with high performance LEDs. It has a lifetime of 30,000 hours (equivalent to more than 7 years of average daily use), so no lamp replacement is required. The Power Led 175 features the most innovative LED technology and guarantees excellent bright light. The universal power supply unit allows it to be used worldwide.

Why choose Karl Storz products?

Karl Storz Endoscopy has been a leader in the medical device industry since it was founded in 1963. Today, Karl Storz is a world leader in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology, cardiology, interventional. They offer products for all your diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic needs.

A leading manufacturer of innovative medical equipment, Karl Storz Endoscopy offers high quality products. Their range of endoscopes are designed to help doctors with diagnosing and treating patients.

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