Healing Autoimmune

Functional medicine might be your best option if you are one of the millions of people in the United States dealing with an autoimmune disease. When you treat autoimmune disease holistically, you have a wide range of benefits that come with it. Here at Autoimmune Angels, we specialize in healing autoimmune diseases with personalized treatment. With the right level of care and support, you will open yourself up to a new world of enhanced wellbeing with symptom reversal.

Contrary to the thought of a lot of conventional doctors, an autoimmune diagnosis doesn’t mean that you have to deal with terrible symptoms that worsen over time or have to take harsh medications.

Cure Autoimmune Disease Naturally

Autoimmune diseases do not develop overnight. You may be someone with a predisposition for autoimmunity, but there are studies not on epigenetics, and genes can be controlled by lifestyle and environmental factors. When you want to reverse autoimmune disease, you can get help from our functional medicine team at Autoimmune Angels. We work with patients wishing to work on healing autoimmune conditions and learn more about the factors that have turned on their genes.

There are several strategies that we may employ depending on your unique situation, including:

  1. Healing Your Gut – Your stomach is your gateway to health as it holds about 80% of your immune system. You must ensure your gut is healthy to have a sound immune system. We can go over the best diets for autoimmune diseases and help you have a customized plan for the foods that will work best for you.
  2. Addressing Infections – Something else that can play a role in autoimmune disease is infection. Many bacterial and viral infections are linked to autoimmune diseases, including E. Coli, Herpes Simplex 1 and 2, Epstein-Barr, and more. Should you have a bacterial infection, the right round of antibiotics can clear it up. Lightening the viral load by bolstering your immune system could prevent flareups with a viral infection.
  3. Stress Relief – Many people never realize that stress relief is important when it comes to an alternative treatment for autoimmune disease. Stress can have a compound effect on the body’s immune system. It can rev it up to the point where it brings inflammation, but it can also suppress it because your body understands that high inflammation levels can be dangerous. Some ways to manage stress could include calming activities like meditation or working it out with exercise. Everyone manages stress differently, so we can work with you to find the perfect routine to help lower those stress levels.

Why Functional Medicine?

Looking at your body as a whole and understanding the root cause of your autoimmune condition is the best way to get started. We believe that natural therapies and proven holistic treatment are an excellent way to work on preventing, treating, and healing autoimmune disorders. Get in touch with us at Autoimmune Angels to learn more about the treatment options for our patients, and we can set you up with a tailored care plan. Contact us for a free health assessment or call (507) 258-4465 for details.

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Healing Autoimmune

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