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Endoscopy is the process by which a direct observation of the interior of the organs located in the pelvic area is performed by means of specialized endoscopy equipment to perform various procedures related to the reproductive system.

It is an optical system or endoscope: small device that has illumination and projects it to a monitor through a video camera that is installed. This is introduced orally or through natural orifices of the body in order to have greater access to the part to be examined, to reach the abdominal part, the uterus, the Fallopian tubes, among others, and to observe internal parts of the patient that are essential to diagnose health conditions. This examination process can also be performed through the external abdominal part.

Endoscopy equipment is the perfect ally to perform an impeccable job thanks to its advanced technology and the precision of the images. The correct diagnosis made possible by these ultrasound equipment has minimized the risk of complications, since early discovery is fundamental to guarantee preventive measures and solutions to possible gynecological dangers. In this sense, health professionals can obtain more reliable, precise and accurate information.

Endoscopic surgery

In the surgical treatment of reproductive system problems does not demand the greatest care, this technologically advanced intervention allows the patient to be back home the same day, after only a few hours of hospitalization. The interventions require a postoperative period of quiet care, it has no major complications, just follow the conventional care, do not perform strong physical activity, keep one or two days of rest, healthy food and good hydration.

The efficacy of endoscopic surgery means that the patient does not need to substantially modify his social or work activities. Health professionals assure that the esthetic results are much better compared to traditional surgery.

Types of endoscopic surgeries

According to the needs of each patient, a different procedure is developed. Among the surgeries that can be performed are:

Diagnostic hysteroscopy

It is the introduction of a very small caliber device to examine the vagina and cervix that lasts approximately 5 to 10 minutes. It is performed in order to identify suspected submucosal fibroids, endometrial polyps, uterine adhesions, foreign bodies, infertility, menstrual abnormalities or endometrial cavity studies prior to treatment.

Surgical hysteroscopy

General anesthesia in this procedure is indispensable for dilation of the cervix. This surgery aims to resolve all abnormalities diagnosed by hysteroscopy. 


This surgery requires general anesthesia in the patient, for which a preoperative and assessment by the anesthesiologist physician is previously performed. In this procedure carbon dioxide (CO2) is introduced with a needle through the navel to distend the abdominal cavity. 

The endoscopy equipment solves many health complications that many people may present and has important functions that are indispensable for doctors who specialize in the care of the entire reproductive system, to seek preventive measures and solutions.

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