Arthrex Synergy System

When performing surgery, you need to see things that the human eye can’t detect. The Arthrex Synergy System is an imaging platform that combines X-ray and ultrasound technology to show you those necessary details so you can make your incisions in the right place at the right time, using the best technique possible. Let’s look at what the Synergy imaging and resection system does, how it works, and why it’s an invaluable part of your surgical toolkit.

What is the Arthrex Synergy System?

This Arthrex imaging platform features an ultra HD 4K programmable camera head, a xenon-bright light source, and fiber optic video over IP integration. A network-based system allows remote viewers to watch live video via Synergy arthroscopes.

Parts of the Arthrex Synergy System

Imaging Consoles

The SynergyUHD4 system revolutionizes endoscopic visualization and image management by integrating three consoles into one. The use of one console and one tablet interface simplifies things. Also, the ability to program individual surgeon preferences enhances the user experience and increases efficiency. With the network-based system, live video streaming from anywhere is possible, integrated with EMR/PACS, and Arthrex representatives can access the system remotely for maintenance and upgrades.

SynergyUHD4 Tablets

Users can quickly and efficiently enter patient information, surgeon preferences, and image management settings using the unique and innovative remote tablet interface. SynergyUHD4 tablet application’s intuitive design will help OR efficiency and reduce costs.


A new UHD 4K medical display completes the revolutionary SynergyUHD4 console from Arthrex. Synergy UHD 4K monitors are available at 32″ to enhance the image quality and create the best possible workflow with the SynergyUHD4 imaging platform across all surgical specialties.

In addition to providing backlit LED monitors with aluminum enclosures, Arthrex also provides alternative privately labeled monitors that are excellent displays at an affordable price. The monitors resist repeated adjustments and cleanings due to their metal enclosure.

These monitors come in 26,” and 32″ sizes and are equipped with numerous VESA-standard mounting holes for easy installation. Arthrex engineers have full access to the monitor’s settings to ensure optimal performance with the SynergyUHD4 camera system.

Uses of Arthrex Camera Systems

The SynergyUHD4TM camera system is designed to meet the unique needs of surgical specialties such as arthroscopy, endoscopy, and laparoscopy. The integrated surgical devices can perform bone and soft tissue resection, fluid management, and insufflation procedures.

Arthrex’s Imaging and Resection portfolio offers the DualWaveTM arthroscopy pump, removing tissue particulates and warm fluids via outflow tubing. Using the DualWave pump in conjunction with ApolloRF® probes will improve arthroscopy procedures for both surgeons and patients.

The Arthrex Synergy System is a proprietary system that allows surgeons to use the most efficient instrumentation during arthroscopy, endoscopy, and laparoscopy procedures. This system helps them complete the surgery in less time, resulting in fewer complications and lower overall costs for patients.

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