Arthrex Synergy

Arthrex Synergy is an imaging platform with a commanding video system and an ultra HD 4K programmable camera head. The LED xenon-bright light source, image management system, and fiber optic video, make it one of the few tablet-controlled devices available in the market. Certified Endoscopy Products sells Arthrex arthroscopes at competitive prices with warranty and exceptional customer service.

Top Reasons To Choose Certified Endoscopy Products

We are the world’s largest distributor of laparoscopic and arthroscopic equipment with an extensive certified pre-owned medical equipment inventory. We sell some of the top OEM medical manufacturing company products at discounted prices.

With over 60 years of industry experience, we are a top name for new and pre-owned medical equipment in the market. We improve our clients’ buying, selling, and repair experience with unsurpassed customer service and timely delivery.

How Long Is The Life Of The Led Light In Synergy UHD4K?

Synergy LED light guarantees reduced electricity use, longer life, and reduced heat generation. The LED light uses lower ultraviolet radiation technology that eliminates the potential of creating dry and exposed tissue.

These LEDs are not just long-lasting but have a life expectancy of 50,000 plus hours. As one of the largest distributors of arthroscopic equipment, we also offer repair services for LED light.

Why Choose Your Scopes From Arthrex?

Arthrex manufactures and sells autoclavable arthroscopes designed and optimized specifically for the SynergyUHD4 camera system. It provides unmatched image quality and robust durability. Some of the features of an Arthrex autoscope are:

  1. It produces realistic anatomy with low barrel distortion
  2. It offers a bright illumination through extremely efficient optical throughput
  3. It offers a brilliant image by combining exceptional optical performance and ultra-high-definition sensor resolution.

We sell pre-owned certified and refurbished Arthrex autoscopes at affordable prices with international shipping options. These arthroscopes are durable and can withstand thousands of autoclave cycles.

What Makes Arthrex Synergy The Best Endoscopy System?

Arthrex Synergy is one of the first endoscopic systems to combine high-definition imaging with an ergonomic design. Surgeons can now perform minimally invasive surgery by making small incisions. This device also reduces the recovery time significantly and improves patient satisfaction and safety.

Arthrex Synergy is a fully integrated robotic system that helps surgeons perform minimally invasive and open procedures. With the help of Synergy, physicians can now perform procedures with unmatched image quality. The system is also cheaper than traditional surgical techniques. Combining the power of 3D visualization with the flexibility and portability of a handheld Flex System, Arthrex Synergy provides an unsurpassed level of clinical performance. Synergy is the only complete endoscopy system that brings next-generation 3D visualization to your medical practice. Every physician must have this advanced and innovative device to perform minimally invasive procedures safely.

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