The growing sophistication of imaging platform has made endoscopy a preferred go-to procedure for different medical investigations. The ability to directly view an internal site in the body is prized because it reduces the steps between a symptom and a diagnosis. Good endoscope equipment is vital for a practitioner. The best synergy imaging and resection equipment aim to provide the best, most detailed viewing angles while reducing patient discomfort.

A doctor may use synergy arthroscopes to uncover the root cause of your unusual symptoms, retrieve a tissue sample for further analysis, or, most commonly, visualize your internal tissues and organs and carry out repair or removal. A patient can be awake for the procedure or fully sedated.

We are an established manufacturer of endoscope equipment and have emerged as one of the most reliable suppliers locally and internationally. Our commitment to quality and specialization in endoscopy have helped us create an inventory of superior endoscopic equipment at competitive prices.

We specialize in endoscopic equipment and accessories, and our catalogs are populated with reusable and disposable options. Our decades of experience in endoscopy have allowed us to design and pioneer new technologies. We have ISO certification as a testament to our quality standards.

Our Competitive Angle

We collaborate with medical practitioners during our product development phases to guide our designs and ensure the final products meet all their needs. This forward-thinking approach has endeared us to surgeons and other specialists because our products are designed to be innovative and user-friendly.

We try to make our products as competitive as possible. While we invest a lot in research and development, our goal is to make our products as accessible as possible. Our prices conform to the average market prices, and even our more premium or more sophisticated products are still relatively affordable.

Our unique Peripheral Instruments

We have some unique peripheral devices outside the mainstream endoscopy equipment that offer expanded functionality.

Enteroscopy devices

The limitations of endoscopy are eliminated with enteroscopy. While more invasive, it reaches where endoscopy equipment cannot. We have single-use enteroscopic equipment and accompanying accessories and equipment to aid in the procedure.


When further investigations are needed in the biliary tract, an Endoscopic Retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ECRP) is the go-to. We have a few ECRP sampling devices designed to reduce the challenges associated with the procedure.


Our solutions extend to Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS). Our line of balloons and micro forceps make tissue harvesting easy for histopathological analysis.

We have an assortment of foreign body management devices useful when you require urgent material retrieval. These small yet highly calibrated devices are highly functional and precise.

We have invested in injection therapy and offer new tools for managing gastrointestinal bleeding cases. Our products offer effective tissue closure to arrest mild to moderate bleeds.

We are concerned with infection prevention and control. We design, wherever possible, a single-use Synergy imaging platform to keep patients safe. It not only reduces the incidences of nosocomial infections within your practice but also improves the prognosis of your patients. 

Certified Endoscopy Products, LLC offers quality Arthrex camera systems. Please call us at 847-563-3255 or email to order.